Play Area
Plenty of toys to let your childs' mind create innovative games and play.
Circle Time
During our circle time your child will be taught their numbers, alphabet, months, days, yoga, etc... We also have fun dancing and singing.
Entrance of Learn & Play Childcare
Items at the entrance include: Parent Board, Important Daycare Information, Cubbies for belongings and shoes. Parent Board includes important forms such as: allergies, cubby log, daily schedule, weekly lesson plan, weekly menu for meals and snacks.
Modern Toys & Equipment
Mamaroo, Chicco high chairs, a market stand, play food, educational toys and accessories are all part of the child's day.
Loving Hugs
Each child is given a tremendous amount of love, care, and respect.
Outdoor Play Area
Clean and safe outdoor play area.
Reading Nook
Children are encouraged to read. The reading nook is great for relaxing time and when we read books to the children.
Clean Safe Outdoor Play Area
The outdoor play area is safe and clean with plenty of toys and equipment to keep the children happy.
Canvas Art
The children are given the opportunity to explore their inner artistic capabilities. They are supplied with canvases and paint to create their very own masterpieces.
Creativity Is Encouraged
Fun With The Ducks
Walks to the park that include: duck feedings, play time in the park play area, picnics, etc.
Healthy Meals
Protein rich eggs, home made pancakes, fresh fruit, steel cut oats. Weekly menus are given on Friday for the upcoming week. Giving the parent and child an opportunity to know the meals and snacks to come.
Vegan & Gluten Free Options
Home made nutritious and well balanced meals included. There are also vegan, gluten free, and vegetarian options.
Quality Snacks Included
Great quality snacks and meals are given to the children. Home made purees are part of the options that are included in the childcare rates.
Adventures To The Park
Children get to experience play time at the park
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