At Learn & Play Childcare, each child is treated with respect, care, and love. As a mother and a member of the work industry, I realize how difficult it is to find a high-quality, trustworthy, organized childcare. With a genuine love for children, I believe that we can meet and exceed all of a parents expectations on what an amazing childcare is. Children will be given positive reinforcement, and a welcoming, warm atmosphere. Children are taught the importance of honesty, manners, and sharing while enjoying a friendly, clean, fun environment. It is vital for parents and children to have a childcare they can confide in. For parents, there will be an ease knowing that your children are in the best hands, a home away from home, giving you the security you deserve. With the early years being such a crucial time in a childs' development, you need a childcare that will help develop social skills, build relationships, and achieve the tools necessary to regulate emotions. Learn & Play Childcare offers stimulating curriculum, a structured environment that's stocked with a rich variety of age appropriate materials and toys. Parent drop ins are encouraged during the times in which your children are in care. Parents are given frequent communication in regards to their childs day to day activities, goals, and progress. The children are provided with nutritious, well-balanced meals and snacks. Learn & Play Childcare is excited to have you and your amazing child/children be apart of this wonderful establishment.